Steps To Become an Effective Manager

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A manager is a person in any organization who is responsible for the basic functionality of the company. His duty to look after things related to planning, organizing, budgeting and controlling mainly. A good manager makes sure that his employees work effectively under his supervision in a way that they can achieve the desired result within the specific resources and time. A good manager always works with the team instead of just bossing around.

Archie Hogue

Archie Hogue – Vice President of Asset Protection/Safety, BJ’S WHOLESALE CLUB

To become a manager you do not need the specific qualification or degree, some specific skills can make you a manager and the learning and experience can even make you a better manager. Here are some of the things that you need to develop your personality to become an effective manager.

Be a Mentor

If you are in any position of management, the biggest responsibility you have as a manager is to be a mentor for your employees who work for you. Probably you have more knowledge than your employees so instead of just criticizing their work, guide them well and help them fulfil the specific task. Your employees are always going to need your help in different situations, your guide will help them to learn and do their jobs in a better way.

Enhance Your Skills

Being a manager does not mean that you have all the possible knowledge about the field, the learning process continues till the end and you should also adopt the approach of learning different skills as it can make you a better manager. Keep your focus on learning the interpersonal skills, delegation skills, organizational skills, planning, financing and controlling skills as well. These skills can make you very good at your job and very beneficial for the company. Also, make sure to learn new things according to the requirement of your position and the environment of the company.

Take Feedback

A good manager is a person who takes the feedback from his employees on daily basis. The feedback benefits the employees, the manager, and the company as well. Feedback updates the manager about the progress of the specific task and makes him familiar with the situation. Employees get benefit by getting the guidance from the manager on their performances which ultimately strengthens the functionality of the company. The feedback needs to be continuous for better results and manager should be the person who maintains this activity.


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Archie Hogue is a professional with years of experience. Archie Hogue is currently serving as the Vice President of Asset Protection/Safety at BJ’s Wholesale Club. He has been associated with the firm for a decade now. He provides leadership and support to the critical areas of the business. Archie Hogue has successfully reduced the cost of shrink to the bottom line.

Steps To Become an Effective ManagerunratedArchie Hogue2018-01-11 07:51:05A manager is a person in any organization who is responsible for the basic functionality of the company. His duty to look after things related to plan…

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