Basic Functions of Management in an Organization

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The management of an organization is the responsibility of the manager of the organization. Management is not just about telling people about what to do instead a manager has to perform other activities too like planning, organizing, controlling and staffing and sometimes leading the team too. The working of an organization’s administration depends on the performance of manager entirely. A good manager can carry out the smooth functionality of an organization.

Archie Hogue

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Here are the basic four functions of management and you will know how it works in an organization.


Planning is a most important function of management in an organization. Whatever the event or activity is being performed in the organization, it has to be planned. In planning it is decided that how the specific task is going to done and how much resources are going to need for that. During planning, time frame also set. Planning a task help in the time management, budgeting and getting an optimal result from the task.


No organization can work properly without being organized. Organizing the staff, resources and raw material should be the priority of an organization. You have the resources in the organization, how you allocate the resources to different activities in a way that give optimal outcomes is organizing. Assigning the duties and delegating the tasks are also the part of organizing function.


Controlling in an organization’s management is about making sure that it is performing within the rules and regulations of the organizations. According to this function of management, the manager makes sure that organization is maintaining its standard by performing in a certain way and producing the required results that is supposed to be within the boundaries of the organizational law. In controlling manager correct the situation in case of any deviation within the organization. Recording the actual performance also comes in the category of control.


Staffing is also another vital function of management and plays a huge part in the performance of an organization. The manager needs to make sure that people with relevant knowledge and skills fill the position. For this, the manager should post the position with the reasonable job description and also mention the skills that he is looking for. Select only those candidates who he thinks are more suitable for the position. Hiring the suitable candidate will not only improve the performance of an organization but also help the manager to control and organize.


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